Safe Weight Loss is the Real Goal

Back in the seventies and eighties, it seemed that new fad diets were coming around nearly every week. First, it was the all fruit juice diet, then the no fruit juice diet. Some diets were all about beets and beet juice, and some diets were all about eliminating all dairy products. No fat or low-fat diets were prevalent for a while until scientists debunked them because most of them had high caloric content, which made you gain weight. We all, of course, know about the protein diets that eliminated most of the carbohydrates from the diet like the Atkins diet. One thing is for certain, for real, effective, safe weight loss, you first need to understand how the body works and what effect certain foods have on our bodies. We all know those types of people that are naturally skinny and can eat anything they want without getting fat. There seem to be these people everywhere we look, especially on TV, the movies, or in all the magazines. They seem to be mocking us regular folks with their smug attitudes and natural fit lifestyles while the rest of us have to shop at big and tall stores and hit the gym every day with the false hope of losing an inch or two. Why can some people eat anything they want and some get fat just looking at rich foods? Genetics does have a lot to do with it, but so does the absence of certain neurotransmitters in the brain that tell you when you are full. If you don't have these signals, you will keep on eating even if you should be feeling full. When you first get a plate of food, and you are hungry, everything tastes great, and your brain tells your body to eat to survive. For naturally skinny people, when they eat a sufficient amount, the brain sends out signals to make them stop eating. As they feel fuller, the food starts tasting not so good anymore. All of this is a natural system that ensures that we eat just enough to continue to live. For fat people or people who have a propensity to gain weight, the mechanism is broken, and somehow the brain refuses to tell them that they are full and should stop eating. To achieve safe weight loss, then one must eat foods that will break the cycle. Certain foods at certain times of the day will trigger our brains to shut down our eating. In the morning, it is best to eat protein, and that means egg white omelets with some lean ham and some veggies tossed in. A mid-morning snack will keep the metabolism burning and let you have safe weight loss without feeling hungry. Lunch should be a salad without croutons and just a little bit of dressing. Mid-afternoon, you need another snack such as an apple or a low carb snack bars. Dinner needs to be some lean meat and brown rice or one slice of lean whole wheat bread. If you crave a snack in the evening, try some light yogurt. Stop eating sugar of any kind and no fried foods.

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