Are You Having Diabetes Oral Health Problems?

Diabetes oral health problems
Diabetes oral health problems
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Having Diabetes Oral Health Problems?
This May Help!

Here’s The Problem

Recent studies show that people who suffer from diabetes (mainly uncontrolled diabetes) are more prone to oral infections, gum disease and tooth decay than those who do not have diabetes.

This is just one diabetes health problem. But it is one that needs to be addressed.

For example, did you know that poor oral health contributes to heart disease, pancreatic cancer, arthritis, and many systemic diseases (diseases that affect several organs).

Its safe to say that oral health is vital to overall health.

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Diabetes Yoga Poses To Control Your Blood Sugar

Yoga pose of girl on mat with hands grasping feet
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In this article I address diabetes yoga poses that can help reduce glucose levels in your blood.  There is actually a science behind it.

In 2011 a 3 month study was done on the effects of yoga and meditation on high risk adults with Type 2 Diabetes.

It was a pilot study and the results are interesting. While no one is claiming that yoga is the new cure for diabetes, there is no arguing that both yoga and meditation play a role in lowering the risk associated with diabetes.

I won’t go into the mechanics of how the research was done, but I do find the results worth noting.

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6 Nutritional Supplements For Diabetes

6 nutritional supplements for diabetes

I hope you realize that your body was not designed for disease. If you are not convinced, go to the ‘Start Here’ page and get acquainted with our philosophy and approach to diabetes treatment.  In this article we expose 6 Nutritional Supplements for Diabetes.

6 nutritional supplements for diabetes
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Here It Is In A Nutshell

We believe that God has already created everything we need to live a life of abundance and health. And it’s all right here on planet earth. Problem is, most of the time we violate the natural laws that govern and control how things operate.

God established a natural order or government when He created this planet. Then He ‘built in’ all the resource we need to live healthy.

It’s that belief that drives us to seek natural remedies for diabetes.

Earth has plenty of the raw material necessary to sustain life and give us health. So here are 6 Nutritional Supplements that need to be in your diet to combat diabetes and bring sugar levels to their proper range.*

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Can Diabetes Be Reversed Completely

I’ve often asked, “Can Diabetes Be Reversed Completely?”

Sometimes the question sounds more like sarcasm than inquiry.  But…The short answer is Yes!  It can.

The longer answer is more complex.  It’s always been my belief that there are natural remedies for every sickness, disease and ailment know to man.  That’s just the way I think God made the planet.  Everything we need for life is right here in front of us.  All we have to do is figure it out.

And that’s where the ‘it’s a little more complex’ idea comes into play.

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